Automatic Paper Bag Machine with Flat Handles Infolded Application field Jan 24, 2024

Automatic flat handle inner folding paper bag machine is a kind of machine equipment for making paper bags. Paper bags have a wide range of commercial uses, including but not limited to the following aspects:


Retail packaging: Paper bags are often used as packaging containers for goods in the retail industry, such as shopping bags, gift bags, clothing bags, etc. Businesses can print their brand information on paper bags to increase the publicity effect and enhance the brand image.


Food packaging: Paper bags can be used to package a variety of foods, such as bread, pastries, candy, dried fruits, etc. Paper bags usually have good permeability and hygroscopicity, which can maintain the freshness and quality of food.


Fast food delivery: With the rapid development of the take-out industry, paper bags are widely used in the fast food industry for loading takeaway food, such as hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken and so on. Paper bags have the characteristics of environmental protection, convenient to carry, suitable for take-out distribution.


Gift packaging: Paper bags are often used to package various gifts, such as holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, etc. Paper bags can be designed and printed to create a beautiful, high quality packaging effect, and increase the sense of gift and value of the gift.


Advertising: As a portable item, paper bags can become a mobile advertising medium in daily life. Businesses can print advertising information, promotional information, etc., on paper bags, making it an effective way to promote their brands and products.


Automatic flat handle inner folding paper bag machine can achieve efficient paper bag production, improve production efficiency and quality consistency, to meet the different needs of commercial paper bags.

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